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January 9, 2005 10:49 - Welcome to Great Salsa News

Life Is Better With Great Salsa

You are about to Discover a collection of delicious and awesome homemade salsa recipes and learn how you can turn a simple dish into a Magical Dinning Experience .
Imagine the warming sensation of a favorite Chipotle Sauce with your next succulent meal. The pleasant heat of the smokey chile blanketing your palate. Hungry?
You are going to really enjoy it here. Steve Technorati Profile (Go to this page)

January 9, 2005 12:20 - Discover Simple Secret to Wintertime Fresh Tomato Salsa Taste

Leaves are falling off the trees and you are looking forward to curling up in front of the fireplace when suddenly the overwhelming hunger hits. You can taste the fresh tomato salsa, a fading memory as fall has rapidly replaced the fresh garden produce with less than perfect "store bought "varieties. Just the fading memory of all the garden fresh tomato salsa made from your own bountiful garden or flower bed. Those vine ripe, ruby red juicy tomatoes ...beguiling (no mushrooms please). Your family treasured salsa recipes Your Uncle's chunky tomato salsa continually bestows your hankering palate with lip-smacking gratification. (Go to this page)

January 10, 2005 13:10 - Sue's Homemade Salsa Recipe

Sue's Homemade Salsa Recipe Let's kick Great Salsa News Blog off with a family homemade salsa recipe I have been using for over 30 years now. Yes, I still have the yellow paper my sister-in-law Sue wrote out for... (Read Article)

January 11, 2005 19:30 - Fresh Salsa Recipe With Strawberries

Wow this sounds terrific. Where can I get fresh strawberries this time of the year. Strawberries, both red and green bell pepper, cilantro, honey, throw in a few more special ingredients including a little tequila for the special touch....Hey enough go get the recipe at You're just one click away from the easiest strawberry recipes for beverages, salads, muffins, cakes, pies, jams, jello molds and more!

How 'bout 2 Secret steps I have discovered to take your homemade salsa recipes to a whole new level.. check back in tomorrow and you will have it...You are going to love it.

As my good friend Cajun Clark says..

"One Inch From The Top...The Only Way To Cook"

Don't worry I will not forget.. the Two Secrets...Watch for it tomorrow. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Hungry?

Life Is Better With Great Salsa


January 12, 2005 12:46 - Happy Birthday To My Mom

I wish a very Happy Birthday to my mother "Mama" as we call her. We will be celebrating her 77 --

Oops, I'm not supposed to say how old she is...She is a wonderful lady! Mama I love you dearly! Happy Birthday

January 12, 2005 12:51 - Fresh Corn Tamales

Once you have sampled the terrific flavors of your own fresh homemade tamales, you will develop a passion for this comforting treat. Start experimenting with the classic mexican tamale recipe, Fresh Corn Tamales, have fun develop your own tamales using left over meats from classic to exotic let your creativity and imagination run wild.

Then by all means share your creation with us!

Yes , I haven't forgotten the 2 Secret Steps for your favorite salsa patient with me remember this is my Mom's Birthday.. ;-) (Go to this page)

January 12, 2005 20:23 - Two Steps To Take Your Homemade Salsa to a Whole New Level

Hello Again for today.

Sorry it is later than I intended -- I was kidnapped by the Birthday girl -- to give you the simple 2 steps to take your homemade salsa to a whole new level..

This really is simple to do and you will wonder why haven't I thought of this...Take your favorite homemade salsa recipe and try this on it the next time..

Don't have a recipe? Then click right on over to the handy dandy Great Salsa site map and pick one. I know you will find a good recipe you will really like.

If the salsa recipe you are using calls for tomatoes and chiles...then you simply roast them or grill fore you fix the salsa. Roasting the tomatoes and chiles will concentrate their juices making their flavor much more robust guaranteeing a more potent flavor..

I have a recipe for slow roasting tomatoes here somewhere...ahh. I will work on that tomorrow.

Till then ...remember...Life Is Better With Great Salsa.


January 14, 2005 10:52 - Roastng, Grilling and Broiling Tomatoes

Whether roasting tomatoes, grilling them or broiling your flawless, vine ripened tomatoes adding just a little garlic and olive oil will enhance their flavor. You will be amazed at the transformation of your favorite salsa recipes. To Grill Tomatoes Cut the tomatoes in half. Brush the cut surfaces with a little olive oil and sprinkle with a little salt; black pepper and fresh crush cilantro. Heat cut side up, on aluminum foil or greased grill over hot coals about 10 minutes or till the tomatoes are heated through. Now don't turn them over during grilling you will spill out all the delicious juice. Broiled Tomatoes Broil the tomato halves, cut side up, 3 inches from the broiler about 5 minutes or heated through. Don't forget to brush the cut surfaces with olive oil and sprinkling of salt and pepper just like we did in the grilled tomatoes above. Roasting Tomatoes Note: This takes a little longer than the other two ways of fixing tomatoes but, I know you will really enjoy the result. Let me know if this even makes it into a salsa recipe.
  • 2 pounds of tomatoes, cored and cut into 1/2 inch thick slices
  • 4 clove of garlic, thinly sliced
  • 1 cup of fresh cilantro
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1/2 cup of extra-virgin olive oil
Now for roasting the tomatoes, preheat your oven to 325 F degrees. Now take a roasting pan ( 9 x 13) and place a couple of tablespoons of olive oil in the bottom of the pan. Evenly sprinkle half the garlic and about half the cilantro in the bottom of the pan. Place the tomato slices in the pan overlapping if necessary. Spread the remaining cilantro, garlic and olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Roast the tomatoes about 1 1/2 hour or until they are slightly shriveled and their juice has been replaced with the oil. Allow this to cool about 20 minutes before serving . Now I know you been savoring the absolutely wonderful aroma filling your house from roasting tomatoes. Try not to eat all of this before it goes into your salsa reicpe. Serve either warm or at room temperature on what ever you do. Do not serve it over a plate of pasta...just kidding. Have a Great Day and do forget. "Life Is Better With Great Salsa " Steve (Go to this page)

January 15, 2005 10:33 - Food scrapbooks record lives, love

As our family members get older and the thought of losing them looms large, it's a rewarding pleasure to spend time recording sweet moments of their life, including their favorite recipes. Have a dedicated tape recorder and keep it with you always, as the best conversations are usually impromptu. Be sure to label each tape. Ask for photos from throughout their lives so you can have a pictorial chronology. It's a wonderful tribute to assemble a book of meaningful moments. Gather the ingredients for their signature dishes and get in the kitchen with them.

Steve's Notes: Imagine your Grandmother or your special Aunt or Uncle sharing their special secrets to recipes Chicken Paprikash, Graham Cracker Cake, Marshmallow, Kabocha Squash Chile Jam, Henrietta's Salad with Duke's Russian Dressing. All of these recipes are in this article. Read and see if you agree the "memories" will start to flowing... (Go to this page)

January 15, 2005 10:59 - Roatsted Tomato Chipotle Salsa

Roasted Tomato Chipotle Salsa 10 medium tomatoes 1 medium onion, peeled and sliced 6 cloves garlic, peeled 2-4 chipotles (canned) 1/4 cup red wine vinegar Salt to taste Method for roasted tomato chipotle salsa: Place tomatoes, onion and garlic on a sheet pan and into a 350-degree oven and roast until tender and lightly browned. Place roasted ingredients, chiles, vinegar and salt into a blender and puree until smooth.

January 15, 2005 21:46 - Growing Great Tomatoes by Karen Gross

For many people, growing big juicy tomatoes is part of what makes vegetable gardening so enjoyable. Whether purchasing plants from your local nursery or starting tomatoes from seed, there are a few basic steps to follow to ensure that you harvest an abundant crop at the end of the growing season. There are many different varieties of tomatoes to choose from, depending on whether you will be cooking, canning, slicing, or eating miniature or grape-like varieties right off the vine. Read more Growing Great Tomatoes
Steve's Note: Hey Everyone it's not to early to start thinking about your garden plans. (Go to this page)

January 16, 2005 23:19 - Tostadas con Queso

Here a quick snack for next weeks playoff games. It's very easy to make and boy will it be good.
Tostadas con Queso
4 tostada shells (see the note)
4 generous teaspoons jalapeno relish or taco sauce
1/2 cup chopped tomatoes
1/4 cup thinly sliced scallions or green onions
1 to 2 cups grated Monterey Jack Cheese
1.Preheat the oven to 400 F. Place the tostada shells on a baking sheet. Spread each with the jalapeno relish. Sprinkle with the tomatoes and scallions; top each tostada with 1/4 to 1/2 cup of cheese, to taste.
2.Place in the oven for 3 to 5 minutes, or until the cheese is melted. Serve immediately, with additional jalapeno relish or taco sauce.
I know how about some great salsa guacamole.

Note: To make tostada shells, fry 4 corn tortillas for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes in 1/2 inch of oil, turning once, until crisp. Drain on paper towels.

I need to "brag" just a little about Great Salsa News, this blog.
I do hope you are enjoying it!
A friend ask me how I did it. So I told him about the software and manual used to set it up. Listen I got so excited about doing this I even wrote a review about the blogging manual for the author. Go check it out and let me know what you think of my writing be kind..
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Review of "Put A Content Rich RSS Feed/News Blog on Your SiteBuildit Site and Watch Your Search Engine Rankings Soar, Soar, Soar"
Read the article by Steve I do hope you enjoy it.. little disclaimer this has nothing to do with salsa by the way..
Remember: "Life Is Better With Great Salsa"
Steve (Go to this page)

January 17, 2005 22:00 - How does RSS and XML Relate to Salsa Recipes

Are you wondering what all the excitement is about RSS and XML and how it relates to Great Salsa and your favorite recipes?

Well my friend Ken Bryski at Grandma Cookies Kitchen has written and excellent article with a good explanation of why it will be a tremendous resource for collecting favorite recipes. Read Ken's article and don't forget to check out his new blog as well for some quick easy recipes.

How RSS, XML, and our Weblog are Important to You...

RSS is 'Real Simple Syndication'. XML is a method of distribution. And a weblog or blog is the content which is really simply syndicated (RSS'd) or distributed by XML to those interested in the content of the blog. How Does This Benefit You? Have you ever found a really great website and signed up for their newsletter, hoping to have more really great content sent to your email address and...Read More

Hot Nacho Dip

by Canadian Jane

This is a recipe that I obtained from a friend at a golf tournament. It is the greatest thing for appetizer pot lucks, card games etc. — Jan 13, 2005

Get the recipe for Hot Nacho Dip

Raspberry Jalapeno Jelly
A sweet raspberry jam is livened up with spicy jalapeno peppers.

Have a Great Day everyone and don't forget -

"Life Is Better With Great Salsa "


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January 19, 2005 18:17 - Crying Time for those who love a tear-jerker.

Crying Time

The onion is the third-largest fresh-vegetable industry in the United States, according to the National Onion Association. NOA monitors consumption of onions and provides valuable storage and cooking tips on its Web site,

Here is a sampling of the free recipe collection the Web site offers..


3 large onions (about 9 to 11 oz.
each), peeled and trimmed
1 cup flour
1 teaspoon paprika
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 cup non-alcoholic
or regular beer Vegetable oil

Cut onions crosswise into 1/2-inch slices; pull apart into rings.
(Refrigerate broken or end pieces for other uses.)
Mix flour, paprika, salt and pepper in large bowl.
Add beer, stirring with wire whip until foam is gone.

Baked version:

Toss onion rings with batter and transfer to plate, letting excess drip off as you transfer.

Heat 1 tablespoon oil in large nonstick skillet (11 or 12-inch) over medium high heat.

Place about half the onion rings in single layer in heated skillet and cook until browned, turning once, about 1 1/2 minutes on each side.

Repeat with remaining onions.

Transfer to ungreased shallow baking pans or cookie sheets, arranging in single layer.

Bake at 425 degrees for 6 minutes or until crisp.

Makes 6 servings.

Deep-fried version:

Heat at least 2 inches oil in deep-fryer for 5 to 10 minutes or according to fryer directions. (If fryer has a temperature adjustment, set it at 375 degrees and heat until light goes out.)

Drop batter-coated onion rings into oil (about 10 to 20 at a time).

Fry 2 to 4 minutes or until crisp. Drain on paper towels before serving.

Makes 6 servings.


Onion-Peach Salsa

Ingredients :

1/2 cup chopped yellow onion
2 cups chopped fresh ripe or thawed frozen peaches
3 tablespoons chopped cilantro leaves
2 tablespoons chopped jalapeno pepper
Fresh lime juice


Combine ingredients in medium bowl, adding salt and lime juice to taste; cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. Makes 6 servings.

Sounds Delicious!

January 19, 2005 18:22 - Mexican Dessert Recipes added to

How to make one of the most popular mexican dessert recipes, heavenly mexican flan and cinnamon crisp. (Go to this page)

January 21, 2005 14:40 - Great Salsa Featured in International Ezine

Untitled Document was just featured in an internationally acclaimed Ezine. Look want Cajun Clark's Fortnight has to say...

" Now, just who is Capt'n Steve, this guy with a Web site he calls Great-Salsa.Com? Here's what little da ol' mon knows. He lives somewhere out in the Texas Panhandle, and he commutes to some Pennsylvania city to go to work. He drives a bus. No, not one of those diesel fume gushing on the ground things. He drives an Airbus for a major airline. Guess if you want to know more about him and more than you ever knew you wanted to know about salsa, you'll have to pay him a visit..."

Steve's Note: Recipes included in Fortnight are Red Chile Sauce, Classic Green Chile Sauce and Magical Recipe Salsa...

Read more of Cajun Clark's Fortnight

January 21, 2005 21:47 - "Biggest Seller is Cookbooks..."

"The biggest seller is cookbooks and the second is diet books - How not to eat what you just learned how to cook." - Andy Rooney

January 21, 2005 21:53 - Mexican Salad Recipes

Winning mexican salad recipes with Grilled flour tortillas are topped with a grilled corn, black bean, and avocado salsa.

Mexican Salad on Grilled Tortillas

Grilled Potato and Pepper Salad Over Greens

(Go to this page)

January 22, 2005 11:25 - Great Mexican Soup Recipes

Untitled Document

Hi Everyone!

I just added the following recipes to Keep those recipes and suggestions coming in. Did you know you can submit your favorite recipe using this submit form. Try it and I'll get your favorite recipe on the site ASAP!

Here are today's recipes:

Chili's Chicken Enchilada Soup, El Torito's Black Bean Soup, Fried tortilla strips, Mexican Onion Soup and you can find them all on Mexican Recipe Soup

Have a Great Weekend!

Enjoy some fantastic tasty gratifying salsa with the playoff games. Check out all the salsa and Mexican Food Recipes at


Life Is Better With Great Salsa!

January 28, 2005 21:27 - "A Bitter Cold Week and I'm Craving Chili...

Untitled Document

Wow, what a week. Last weekend not only was there a great playoff game in Philadelphia but an incredible snow storm to boot! Needless to say the storm slammed the airport. Nothing like a nice long cold night in a very uncomfortable "gate chair" to make you appreciate your very own nice warm bed....

After what seemed to be a whole month in Philly I finally got to fly out on Monday and have spent the remainder of the week in bitter cold weather.

Needless to say I have developed an incredible craving for Chili...and after a quick search have come up with 4 great "Chili Recipes" for you to try.

Chili Colorado One of the purposes of this blog is to share some of the recipes that get sent to Gramma Cookie's Kitchen by some of our visitors. This one was sent to us from Michelle Moreno from the US...

Family Friendly Chili is a great and easy! recipe for the crockpot. Made on a cold winter night, it really warms things up. This makes a thick chili, if you add some more tomato juice it should make things a little juicier.

Chocolate Chili A great, no-beans, flavorful chili perfect with rice or cornbread. From the Official Chili Book.

Kentucky Chili A secret ingredient, no-bean chili courtesy of the Official Chili Cookbook. Don't worry about the cooks out, leaving only flavor. Cornmeal may be substituted for the corn flour (masa), if unavailable.

Let me know which one you like best!

Have a Great Weekend!


"Life Is Better With Great Salsa "



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