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Captn Salsa of Great-Salsa.comWe are really glad you are here and certainly hope you are having a very enjoyable experience, which by the way includes some terrific eating of your favorite salsa recipe.

Wow, have you been blasted with an alarming amount of spam in your email box?

Well, we sure have here also!

I have to admit it is just a bit ridiculous at times.

Our previous email address was rendered vertually imposible to use due to the vast amount of spam received!

So if you have been trying to email use for the last several months it has just about been impossible to get your email through to us.

Well here goes!

This is a new way of listing the email address and needless to say I am even going to use "Gmail"... this should do the trick for us.

So do not hesitate to use it. Give it a shot and we are certainly looking forward to hearing from you!

The secret lies behind the page, in the code, that in reality looks like all jiberish to me and hopefully looks that way to all the "spammer bots" out there in cyber space, too.

As I was saying our emal has not been the most reliable way to get a hold of us but, I have faith in the "new code" above, so let's keep our fingers crossed and worse case if you really need to get in touch with us or send us your hotest, boldest salsa recipe then by all means use the old fashioned way of "snail mail" it still works really well, :-)

Our address is:

Steve Melton,
PO Box 409
Levelland, Texas 79336-0409

I hope you enjoy the recipes on this site as much as I do.

Thank you and please enjoy

Steve Melton

P.S. Eating all this great salsa has been very enjoyable and a lot of fun. Sharing the recipes with you by means of this website is very rewarding and would not be possible without Solo Build It!

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