Recipe Construction Made Easy

Great Salsa - Presents

"Recipe Construction Made Easy"
by Chef Kevin Wagner

As a chef, and most chef's will agree.........

I usually don't use recipes to cook with.'s a challenge for me not only to follow one, but to construct
a recipe when somebody asks me for one. This always seems to
happen after a great dinner, and I always try to come up with one for
my guests.

It occasionally takes me a bit to recall exactly what I threw in (doesn't sound too appetizing, huh), but I haven't totally lost my memory yet so I can usually duplicate it very closely.

One trick I started to use.......and I still have to discipline myself to do this, is to keep a small notebook with me at all times when I cook. I have one in my kitchen at home, and carry one with me on the job.

As I add ingredients to a dish, I try to remember to measure them, sorta anyway. The basic methods and procedures are ingrained in my cooking techniques, so it's never a problem to sketch out the method of preparation. This allows me to sit down afterwards, and throw together a quick recipe when I need to.

Put this little trick to work for you, so the next time someone asks you...

"How did you make that?".....'ll be able to tell them :-)

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