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What Can't You Can?

"Special Thanks to Cajun Clark for his generosity in sharing this canning information."

"Caj, I can't think of anything that couldn't be canned. Except rice and store bought noodles don't do very well; they disintegrate. However, I have almost talked myself into trying to can porcupine meatballs using brown wild rice, since that takes longer to cook it might survive the canner. But other that these two items, everything can be canned as far as I know. I can dried beans, fish, sausage, even bread pudding, all sorts of stuff.

"Uh-oh, I nearly went and did it big time. As my sibling sisters will tell you I'm a one-track person, and sometimes that can be dangerous. I get so excited about canning I forget about the other methods of preserving food: dehydrating and freezing.

"Freezing, even though canned foods will usually store longer, is an excellent way to preserve the ultimate of freshness, flavor, texture and nutrients. Dehydrating is not only the oldest method of food preservation, it is also one of the most convenient and the finished product takes less storage space than frozen or canned foods. And, because flavors become more concentrated, you should use your fresh, vine-ripened and mature produce for drying. Let me tell you a story out of school. Da ol' mon Caj is such a jerky addict he'd be lost without his one-step-removed-from commercial dehydrator.

"Finally, make sure you have all your food, other ingredients, and supplies on hand before you begin, including your permanent marking pen to label and date your processed foods, regardless of which method you're using. And here's something I found out the hard way, the whole canning process is a snap when done in a smooth-flowing fashion, like a well oiled assembly line. Also, and this could save you some grief, Caj, if this is your first try at canning, gain from the experience of someone who knows what they're doing and off to assist them."

Vicki and da ol' mon Caj will continue wandering down the canning road. havin' a little fun, learnin' a few new tricks, and gettin' a kick out of sharing with you. And hopefully, you'll share your knowledge, your expertise with others, including us.

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Canning Methods:
Different Canners for Different Foods

Canning Jars:
Facts, and How-to Get 'em Ready

Water Bath...Pressure Canner

Some of Vicki's Recipes
1. Home Canned Tomato Juice
2. Home Canned Whole Tomatoes
3. Homemade Tomato Soup

What Can't You Can?

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