Molcajete, an Ancient Tool Makes

Smashingly Super Salsa


The molcajete y tejolete is simply the Mexican term for "mortar and pestle".

Invented by the Aztec Indians from Oaxaca, Mexico being hand carved from volcanic rock.

You can use the rough textured lava bowl for grinding Chiles, spices, herbs and smashing the softer ingredients such a tomatoes and avocadoes in preparing your favorite salsa recipes.

The molcajete needs to be "seasoned"; before it´s used the first time to prevent it from crumbling.

It is really easy to do and so aromatic just do the following:

  • Thoroughly clean the Mexican mortar and pestle with soap and water.

  • With your tejolete, grind up 4 or 5 heads of garlic into a paste and spread it all over the inside of the mortar.

  • Leave it to rest over night. Very aromatic!

  • The next day rinse away the garlic from the mortar and now you are on your way to preparing your delicious Mexican salsas and guacamoles.

You are about to discover that the molcajete is a great time saver for getting that "rustic" texture that can only otherwise be achieved by cutting all of your ingredients by hand.
Salsa Recipes
The lava bowl is better than a blender or food processor for working small batches of salsa recipe ingredients.

Mine will hold just over 2 cups of contents simply perfect for the nightly table salsa. Clean up is a breeze, just rinse it out and guess what?

No moving parts to fall down the sink drain — hmmm.

It really is much faster and you will love the very fresh and stronger flavors you get by crushing your salsa ingredients and extracting the oils.

The food processor may be a lot faster and does have its place, but to get that rustic texture you need the molcajete.

The rough and porous walls of the bowl are an excellent way to create authentic texture and flavors of your favorite salsa recipes whether it is guacamole or even a basil pesto sauce.

Guacamole, your family and friends will be begging for more of this melt in your mouth delicious quacamole.

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