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"Mouthwatering, delectible Nachos," your internal voice is starting to chant.

It’s Thursday night and you’re settled in watching a movie with your family, then it hits, the urge that will not go away. You felt this before but now it’s a craving for a great delicious snack.

“Geez, how do I make Nachos?”

You run to pick up your trusty box of “favorite homemade recipes” only to find the recipe missing. You know it was here before but where is it?

“How to make Nachos”

Well, let’s Capt’n Salsa help you out here. We will have that craving under control in 20 minutes or less with a simple easy solution.

With the help of my good friend Cajun Clark let’s get started.


“There's more than one way to make them”

Here's the deal. You can make any taste tempting nachos your palate happens to desire at the time you have the urge to create.

It should be made perfectly clear that cheese is a major player in nachos. Whether you're using Monterey Jack, Colby, cheddar, wheel cheese, or whatever make sure you have enough for you.

Then when it comes to peppers (jalapeno, habanero, Serrano, banana, etc.) choose the ones that satisfy you. And don't forget bell peppers, onions, olives, and all those other good things in the pantry.

Now that the goodies are out of the way, there are basically four primary ingredients:

1. Tortilla chips

2. Refried beans

3. Ground beef, browned and drained; seasoned with taco seasoning, Cajun seasoning, or plain old salt and pepper.

4. Refried beans and ground beef.

True, you can use other meats if that's what you have in the can, the fridge or the freezer. Just remember to layer, layer and layer some more. And then, to heat your fully loaded platter in oven or microwave until cheese is melted.

You can also top with salsa and/or sour cream.

Now, all of this said--Create and Enjoy

Wow, that sounds easy enough Caj, Thanks for the advice let’s get those tortilla chips layered and start spreading the goods.

Here are a few more suggestions for you to continue in your own personal pursuit of mouthwatering winning tasty recipe that you are about to create.

Ready, starved yet?

Drizzle the layers of tortilla chips with your favorite homemade salsa or taco sauce, mild or hot your choice.

Spoon on some canned refried beans, black olives, canned or fresh green chiles. Then add some of the Captain’s favorite fresh avocado slices and don’t forget to throw on some chopped green onions or scallions.

Do you have some left over cooked chicken in the fridge?

Chop it up toss it on as one of the layers for some appetizing chicken nachos.

Slide the pan into a preheated 400 F degree oven and bake for about 10 minutes. Watch them closely. It will not take long at this temperature.

Now, go back to your movie with your favorite cold beverage and enjoy your own winning Nacho recipe.

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