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March 7, 2005 13:59 - Nancy's Scrumptious Salsa Recipe

One of the many things I enjoy doing is searching the internet for different salsa recipes. Here a a couple you will enjoy...

Nancy's Scrumptious Salsa Recipe by Nancy Castleman

"I'd been yearning for a long time for a salsa recipe that I could safely can. Finally, a friend found one. I've toned it down a little over the years, because the salsa gets hotter and hotter the longer it sits."

Corn Salsa Recipe From Diana Rattray,

"Corn salsa with purple onion, red bell pepper, jalapeno peppers, cilantro and lime juice."

Have you been able to make plans for your "Pepper Garden"?

Continuing with Preparing the Pepper Garden by Dave DeWitt and Dr.Paul W. Bosland; Part 3: Soil and Garden Preparation

Prior to adding compost, the pepper gardener should determine what type of soil exists at the site and what steps, other than adding compost, might be necessary to achieve pepper-growing perfection.

...For the Complete article click here: Preparing the Pepper Garden

Have a great week everyone and remember,

Life is Better With Great Salsa



March 5, 2005 18:06 - Salsa Research?... or Simply a Great Meal...

One of the best things about flying around the country is to be able to do my own "salsa" research. Once in a great while you come across an exceptional dinning experience.

The warm tortilla chips were extremely light and crisp, each one eager to be dipped into a cooked green tomatillos salsa still warm from being poured right out of the chef sauce pan. A perfect blend of green tomatillos, roasted bell pepper, roasted jalapeno chiles meant to blanket the palate in a comfortable degree of warmth.  Chopped white onion and just a hint of garlic to taste.

The salsa was cooked until the tomatillos and onions were tender. Sprinkled with just a touch of red chile flakes and chopped cilantro and pureed to a consistency that you could still identify all the ingredients. ...the salsa was served warm with the lightest and crispiest tortilla chips the chef could conjure up. Washing them down with a favorite Margarita provided anticipation for the main course...

...ah but, who needs a main course with this incredible tomatillos salsa.

Did the first part of Preparing the Pepper Garden get your creative juices flowing or just give you a bad case of "Cabin Fever" from the harsh long winter weather? Let's continue the series with an sample of part two:

After choosing the varieties of peppers to plant, along with accompanying plants, the gardener must next plan the garden. There are many considerations affecting garden design, including site, soil type, rainfall, method of irrigation, mature height of various plants, structural support for plants like pole beans and tomatoes, and access to the garden for weeding and harvesting. Following are descriptions of the most commonly used pepper garden designs, along with their benefits and drawbacks.

Read more of Preparing the Pepper Garden by Dave DeWitt and Dr. Paul W. Bosland.


March 3, 2005 12:54 - Down but not out...Sick And Tired of Winter!

Well if you are like me you have pretty much had it with winter here in the states...I am just now rebounding from a round of the flu bug that pretty much kept me under wraps for about 2 weeks ...ouch.

I have managed to discover a couple of great soup recipes to share with you, seems to go with the territory of just barely peaking out from under the covers. I know you will enjoy them as much as I have.

Pablano Pepper Soup and Aztec Soup

Do you have trouble cooking perfect rice every time? Curtis Miller in his article Rice Cookers - Perfect Rice Every time has some great ideas:

"Love fluffy cooked rice but dislike the preparation time and clean up? Then rice cookers maybe just what you need. Today's rice cooker is a thrifty time saving device for anyone's kitchen. Also eating rice weekly has many health benefits. With so many rice cookers to choose from how does one decide? Let's take a look at the many features and sizes of a rice cooker and determine which is right for you and your family."

For the rest of the article click on Perfect Rice Every time

Have you started thinking about this springs garden yet? There is nothing better than homemade fresh salsa made entirely from you own homegrown ingredients. Preparing the Pepper Garden by Dave DeWitt and Dr. Paul W. Bosland will certainly get you in the mood for summer.


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