Smoked Salmon Salsa

“Smoked Salmon Salsa Recipe"


What an incredible smoked salmon recipes taste. You will absolutely love this incredible salsa recipe and with out a doubt so will your family and friends.



Smoked Salmon is terrific and if you are lucky enough to live in Seattle you have an unlimited supply.

Blending in the cream cheese will make you think of a “smoked salmon breakfast sandwich" served on a hot toasted bagel.


Throw in the cucumber and tomatoes, chop all the ingredients to a size to a size reminiscent of a Pico de Gallo and call it a day.

Pass the toasted bagel slices and enjoy.

  • Smoked Salmon, Chopped

  • Purple onion, peeled and chopped

  • Cucumber, chopped

  • Tomato, chopped

  • Cream Cheese, chill the cream cheese and dice into small pieces

Toss all the ingredients together like you would a tossed salad in fact why not serve this “Smoked Salmon Salsa” on a bed of fresh field greens with your toasted bagel chips and a chilled glass of your favorite Chardonnay.

Now we are talking.

Just let your imagination take over. Go ahead add a few capers.

Picture a stroll along the shops of Pike’s Market in Seattle with your best friend at your side. The salmon are “flying” through the air. Grab one of the fresh cut flowers to share.

Getting the picture?


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