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Simple Secret to Wintertime Fresh Tomato Salsa

Leaves are falling off the trees and you are looking forward to curling up in front of the fireplace Salsa Recipeswhen suddenly the overwhelming hunger hits. You can taste the fresh tomato salsa, a fading memory as fall has rapidly replaced the fresh garden produce with less than perfect "store bought "varieties.

Just the fading memory of all the garden fresh tomato salsa made from your own bountiful garden or flower bed. Those vine ripe, ruby red juicy tomatoes ...beguiling (no mushrooms please). Your family treasured salsa recipes Your Uncle's chunky tomato salsa continually bestows your hankering palate with lip-smacking gratification.

Well, let me tell you a secret. You can delight in fresh tomato salsa taste right now. The snow piled high and you with an excellent book and a ration of crispy chips and tasty homemade salsa. Pleasantly surprised by the remarkable fresh tomato salsa taste. This top-secret simple trick will shock you and you will marvel why didn't I think of this before.

All Set?

Just grab a can of your favorite diced tomatoes..


Now wait just a minute before you start tossing rocks at me. Yes, I did say canned, you do have those homegrown garden fresh canned tomatoes from last summer left don't you?


Well grab a "can" of your straight from the grocery store favorite diced tomatoes. Now stick with me.

Open the can and pour the diced tomatoes into a strainer and drain, being sure to catch the tomato juice and reserve for later use. Drain for at least ten minutes or more to allow the tomatoes to get "good and dry."

While the tomatoes are draining grab the "store bought" tomato you so carefully hand picked from the produce section a couple of days ago. Dice this tomato into pieces about the same size as the "canned" tomatoes. Combine the two, canned and "fresh" tomato into a bowl and gently mix them together.

Now add this to one of your favorite homemade tomato salsa recipes. Your window ripened tomato will provide the missing "crunch" in the canned diced tomato.

Simple, you bet. Try it! I know you will love it.

Oh what about the left over tomato juice?

You are really going to like this, add a dash of Tabascotm sauce, just a little Worcestershire Sauce,tm little salt and fresh ground pepper, add a few pieces of crushed ice and stir with a stalk of celery and enjoy - What's that? oh, yes, the totally optional missing ingredient.

You know what it is, go ahead and enjoy!

You can find an excellent collection of tomato salsa recipes you can get creative with at You are going to have a favorite "winter" tomato salsa recipe before you know it.


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